Queen Mabel & Doris Design Team PR Package

I’m a little late sharing this with you, however as the saying goes, better late than never.

Anyway a couple of weeks ago I received my first PR package from Susie and Carole over at Queen Mabel and Doris and I was blown away by the contents.

2017-06-17 19.02.51

In the package there was a selection of inserts, some stickers, a paperclip, some washi tape and a fruity tea bag. Unfortunately I’m unable to comment on the teabag as this was stolen by my OH within seconds of the package been opened (I’m just happy he didn’t steal any of my stationery).

So lets take a closer look at the inserts. Each member of the team received three inserts for the Travelers Notebooks. We all received a PR tracker plus two others.

My inserts were a social media tracker/planner and a daily journal complete with a cute panda theme.

As usual the quality of the inserts is fantastic. The paper is thick enough to stop ghosting and bleeding by my pens of choice (which range from standard ball points to gel pens at the minute). The covers are plain cardstock with a linen texture and have been specifically chosen by Susie to match my Uglydori.

Also included in the pack was a tester insert. An A7 notebook with Tombow paper. I loved the size of the insert, however I’m not a lover of the paper. I’ve heard people raving about the quality but for me it’s just a little bit too thin. Still you have to admire the cuteness of the insert.

2017-06-17 19.03.16

The extras in the pack were a sheet of stickers from Hazy Days UK on Etsy. I’ve had some stickers from Kelly before and I love them and these fit perfectly into my Queen Mabel and Doris inserts.2017-06-17 19.03.46

There was also some gorgeous crown washi tape from Jadies Crafts and a PR team paperclip made by fellow PR team member Stephanie from Cute and Quirky Creations

I love everything in the package and am already making good use of everything.

If you want to more of what Queen Mabel and Doris have to offer in terms of inserts, then head over to Facebook. Alternatively, the Etsy store will be opening at 12 noon on Sunday (if you can wait that long).

Keep Calm 2 Days

Keep check on Instagram too for some special launch day discount codes.

Love Debbie

QMD PR Unboxing (1)

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