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School Holiday Planning

Welcome to another Planner Girls Collective post. This week we are making plans for the school holidays.

Here in Leeds we are only a week away from the schools breaking up for summer. The kids officially finish on 21st July and don’t go back until early September. For my kids this could be a total nightmare unless we have a plan, and you know how much I love a good plan!

Don’t get me wrong I don’t schedule every hour of every day but we do have a rough outline in place that encourages us to get up and out otherwise my kids would lounge around the house, winding each other up because they are bored.

My kids, like most, thrive on structure and routine and school holidays are no different, although they aren’t quite as strict. So yes we have the odd movie thrown into the plan and sometimes, depending on the weather this can turn into an entire movie marathon.

At a glance

My day to day planner is a week to view which works well for me most of the time but I find it helpful to see what’s planned for the whole of the the school holidays.

Because of this I generally draw a up a rough plan of the weeks so we can see at a glance what events are on, and when.

In addition to this I also have my ongoing list of places we like to go and new venues to visit which is stored in my bullet journal.

Here is an example of our school holiday overview. From here I can work our which of the events we would like to attend and budget accordingly.

Screenshot 2017-07-16 21.08.25

This is the second year of doing this and I’ve found it really does help things run a little smoother.

So there we have my plans for surviving the school holidays. How do you plan to get through the August? Have you made any plans yet?

Love Debbie

Don’t forget to check out the other ladies and their plans for the holidays. We will be back in two weeks time with our thoughts on planning for the school holidays.

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4 thoughts on “School Holiday Planning

  1. Wow Debbie that is a very detailed plan for the holidays, i Love it. Very different to ours which is why I love this so much x


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