Poundland Stationery Haul – High End Looks at Bargain Prices

While everyone has been going crazy over the latest stationery ranges in Poundworld, I thought I would check out what Poundland had on offer and was pleasantly surprised with what I found.

Poundland Stationery Haul - July 2017

Poundland Stationery Haul - July 2017

Now as a self confessed stationery addict I can confirm that you can never have too many notebooks and I was pleased to see that Poundland were on hand to enable my habit with these gorgeous A6 notebooks (they also have them in A5 too)

Poundland A6 Notebooks

All together there are three designs. Two blue and one pink, all with a motivational quote in a gorgeous rose gold foil. The paper, while not as smooth as some notebooks, fared perfectly well with almost all of my go-to pens. There was a little bleed through with the Uni-ball Eye Micro but on the whole it held up pretty well with a variety of pens.

In addition to the notebooks I also picked up some matching sticky notes, pens, pencils and a stationery set.

I’ve got to admit I love the pen. Not only does it look gorgeous with a rose pink and crystal barrel, it writes smoothly and is comfortable to use.

The pencils also deserve a special mention as you can’t tell easily from the photo but they have some cute gems on the ends.

Poundland Stationery Haul - July 2017

While I was browsing the stationery collections I also picked up this cute academic diary for using as a desk diary. Although I still use my planner on a daily basis this diary is fantastic for jotting down notes etc while I’m working.

I love the desk planner (it would be ideal for meal planning) and plastic wallets and may have to pick some more bits up from this collection on my next visit.

I also love the gorgeous bright pineapple range, although they don’t quite fit in with my office decor so I didn’t purchase anything.

What do you think of the new range at Poundland? Have you added any to your stationery collection?

Love Debbie

Poundland Stationery Haul (1).png

3 thoughts on “Poundland Stationery Haul – High End Looks at Bargain Prices

  1. I’m happy to have seen this! We’re going to the UK later this week and in looking to see what stores/shops are around where we’ll be staying, I found Poundland. Then I looked up their website, making sure to check out the stationary section. Seeing what they had on the website was nice, but seeing your pics is even better! My husband is not going to be happy with me if instead of souvenirs, I come home with more notebooks and supplies….but I think he’ll survivie hahaha. 🙂


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