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My Dream Planner

Hey there planner peeps! Welcome to another post from the Planner Girls Collective. Today we are sharing with your our dream planners.

Now, where to start. If I’m honest I don’t have a dream planner, which kind of leaves this post very short and sweet.

However, before you leave thinking that I’ve nothing to say on the matter, let me say this.

For me my dream planner would be one that works for me. Now I appreciate that is a little vague but as since I’m currently going through some difficulty with my current planner set up (again), I’d be happy with a planning system that works for me.

With that in mind I am going to try and work through the various planner systems to find a system that will hopefully bring me planner peace.

What Do I Want From My Planner

My initial requirement is a planning system that allows me to customise the contents to suit my requirements.

This would rule out any spiral bound planners such as the Erin Condren Life Planner which, in a bizarre twist, is one planner that I always seem to be drawn to.


That said I’m a bit of a perfectionist and I know that if I made a mistake where I couldn’t easily fix it I would struggle to move on.

I don’t want my planner to be too cumbersome so anything larger than A5 would have to be ruled out. Although ideally it could do with being a little smaller for ease of transportation.

Since the large Happy Planners are slightly larger than A5, this would rule them out. However the mini Happy Planner could still be in the running.

In the past I’ve tried rings, discs and strings and, although they have all worked for a while, the two systems I keep coming back are strings and discs.

Although I like the idea of a discbound planner it would more than likely mean printing and punching my own inserts, which is time consuming. TN inserts are readily available and come in a variety of formats so this would be preferable over printing my own.

This would mean that my dream planner would be a Traveler’s Notebook system.

What Will I Use My Planner For

Although my planner is predominantly functional, I still like to use stickers on my pages. I also want my planner to be efficient; I don’t have time to spend time drawing out layouts on a daily/weekly basis. This being the case the standard bullet journal can probably be ruled out, although the overall principles of the bullet journal appeal to me.

On a day to day basis my planner would be used for keeping track of appointments, although I would also like to be able to track things such as sleep and water intake.

I would also like to keep track of my editorial calendars for my blogs and any relevant collections.


My dream planner would be a combination of the bullet journal system and traditional planning in a Traveler’s Notebook. This would be my day to day planner. It would be a standard size TN made of leather for durability.

So far, so good as this describes my Uglydori perfectly.


It would have inserts for current collections, weekly planning and standard bullet journaling. There would also be an insert for note taking.

In addition to these inserts I would also like inserts for long term planning and collections, as well as my blog stats.

Again, I can achieve this by carefully selecting the right inserts, such as these from Queen Mabel and Doris together with some Moleskine Cahier notebooks.

2017-08-13 21.18.53

In conclusion, I actually own my dream planner, I just need to review the inserts I use in more detail to make them work better for me.

Love Debbie

Don’t forget to check out what dream planners the other ladies in the PGC are lusting over. I will be back in two weeks time with our back to school planning.

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