I’m All Outta Love…

…I’m so lost without you; so the song goes, and to be truthful that’s exactly how I feel about my planners at the minute.

I was wondering if I was the only one who has periods of time where the lose their planning mojo to the point where they have to start all over again. However, it appears that I’m not alone and there are quite a few planners out there that feel the same on a regular basis.

Over the past month I’ve completely lost interest in my current planner set up and although I haven’t yet missed an appointment or anything important, it does feel a little like I’ve lost a limb.

Deciding I needed to do something to stop me going totally crazy I’ve gone pretty much back to basics with a standard notebook and and A5 diary from Poundland until I decide on my revised set up.

My Current System

I’m using my notebook as a brain dump where I write down everything that comes into my head from ‘buy rabbit food’ to ‘book tickets for zoo’. It also has all my blog related to-do’s and post ideas plus any random notes that I may need to remember.

Back to Basics

I got through my notebook every day and highlight anything that has been completed or is no longer relevant.

While this is far from ideal and a long way from the GTD system I one day hope to implement fully, it’s working for me at the minute and I know that nothing will be slipping through the cracks in the meantime.

My ‘planner’ is a cute A5 diary from Poundland which I’m using to jot down everything date specific from appointments to blog posts, plus little notes relating to what happened on a particular day should I ever need to refer back to it.

Back to Basics

It is a week on two page set up which gives me plenty of room to write everything down as well as add a sticker or two if I feel the need.


While this set up is far from perfect it it helping me keep on top of things until I finally decide what I actually need from my planner.

I’m determined to have my new set up finalised in time for September and have been playing around with various inserts as well as brainstorming what I actually need/want my planner to do so watch this space for more info.

Have you ever felt the need to go back to basics with your planner set up? How did you finally get out of the slump?

Love Debbie


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