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Decluttering/Planner Overwhelm

This week the ladies in the Planner Girls Collective are discussing planner overwhelm.

This is something I suffer from every year. Usually around May/June time I find myself getting overwhelmed with everything and have to give my planner an overhaul. Sometimes this means setting up and entirely new planner; other times I can get away with trying out a new layout.

Recently I’ve been playing around with various layouts and set ups while I try to narrow down exactly what I want from my set up. And there’s the problem. I think I want too much from my set up and that’s why it keeps failing.

My past set up tried to include my monthly, weekly and daily inserts which meant I was duplicating things. I also had my GTD notebooks in their as well as a brain dump notebook. All of these things had their uses, but it became totally overwhelming.

So how do you overcome the overwhelm?

My advice is simple. Go back to basics. Start with a very simple, cheap diary and a lined notebook.

Keep a record of everything that you need/want to do in your notebook and use your diary for things that are set in stone and need to be done on a particular date. Yes I know that cleaning the kitchen floor is important, but if you don’t do it on Monday will anybody really care.

Then, begin decluttering your existing planners. You can do this however you wish, although I have been using the Kon Mari method on mine. You can then work our your requirements. You may love your A5 ochre Malden for the size and feel, but not really love the rings. You may love the inserts you have been using but need a bigger/smaller size. You may even want to design your own inserts.

Plan your planner

Before you jump on the bandwagon of the next big thing take some time to think about what you need from your planner and how you will use it.  Will you be using your planner at home or while out and about? What size would work the best?

Use a page in your notebook and plan your planner. Decide on your style and format. Are you a rings girl? Would bullet journaling be the perfect solution? Is white space a no-no or a necessity? Would you prefer to have your layouts pre-printed or are you happy to draw them every week/month?

Only you know the answer, so write it down.

Once you have everything you need planned out you can work to put together your perfect planner. There are loads of options available and what works for one person won’t necessarily work for the next.

I’m currently following my own advice and will hopefully have my new and improved planner set up available for you to peak at very soon.

So there are my tips for dealing with planner overwhelm. How do you handle it? Drop me a comment below, I’d love to hear from you.

Love Debbie

Don’t forget to check out the other ladies and their tips for dealing with planner overwhelm and decluttering. We will be back in two weeks time with some fantastic stickers for Autumn and Halloween.

Hannah Smith at Plan With Hannah

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